The Beneficial Worm

Published September 30, 2020 by tindertender

Last night I dreamed of catching worms. All of the ones I caught were too tiny and had to be put back. There was ONE king size worm that was in its very own case-holder, the King Worm, the example of what was keepable.

(Much like the fishermen have guidelines as to the size of fish they can keep, and those that they must throw back for further development).

There was a time I was told (in the astral) that humans are a commodity … this ties in with the worms … stay with me.

Each human either consumes and releases that which is of benefit, or they consume and release that which is detrimental. Sometimes, their thinking is so small, no matter what they consume will not provide enough benefit to the atmosphere, not unless there are hundreds, and thousands of them, and usually the detriment mounts to a degree that is simply not sustainable.

Some try. They really do … even I … To digest that which is harmful, and turn it into something that is beneficial, the energies we create, that we absorb and transmute … if we are studious and determined enough to do so, or even try.

The energy of this world is foul … and unfortunately, it is becoming more and more foul and people feed and spew garbage (foul intent) into the whole.

The purifiers really have their work cut out for them these days, how can anyone possibly keep up?

Even one very large personality, exquisite in their transmuting ability, cannot keep up with thousands of smaller putrifiers.

Hence, it is time to clean house and the smaller minds, those who willfully refuse to be part of the solution, the clean up, must be put back. To dwell in the refuse that is impossible to cleanse by their efforts alone. They will need to feed on it until they themselves become large enough to cleanse their own energies, or be consumed by them.

This is the actual separation taking place.

Those who work diligently to transform negativity, in their own hearts and minds, households and communities … and those who work to tear it all down, without care for the whole.

Earthworms are natural composters.

Earthworms aerate and loosen the soil by digging tunnels up to 7 feet deep, bringing mineral-rich subsoil to the surface with numerous smaller organisms that contribute to the health of the soil.

Earthworms ingest soil and digest the organic matter as they tunnel, producing castings. The castings increase the nutrient level and organic level of the soil.

Are you a beneficial worm? That which transitions the negative into the positive, or are you simply creating shit enough for the whole without cleaning up after yourself?

Choice … we all have it.


One comment on “The Beneficial Worm

  • Perhaps the horrible reputation of helminths has deterred us from taking helminths seriously as a treatment? But we can’t let the ick factor intestinal worms may initially inspire hold us back from further research. Intense and systematic effort needs to be focused on the production of quality helminths. We need to proceed with the domestication of helminths for the benefit of humankind.


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