Oracle Reading 9-2-2020

Published September 2, 2020 by tindertender

Release the Old and Rest

Release all of the pressure and expectation weighing you down. Shed it all so that you can recover before moving into a time of renewal.

You know what is heavy, what is holding you back. Is it a person, a situation, a dream? Like the trees letting go of their leaves and fruit in Autumn, it’s time to let go. When you hold on, you try to control reality, and that never works. When you let go, you make space for the new to enter your life. You are being guided by your Angels and nature herself to release whatever is stopping you from moving forward. And you can do this.

Exchange Energy to Create Abundance

Make connections and exchange information, talents or support.

The universe operates under the law of cause and effect and is always looking to return to a natural state of balance. So, if you are lacking in the feelings of abundance at this time, you are being invited to share your time, your gifts and your understanding with others. If you’re frustrated because something isn’t unfolding in your life, instead of asking yourself what you can get, ask yourself what you can give. The exchange of energy doesn’t necessarily mean financial energy – it can also be about supporting in order to feel supported. If you’ve been holding back with your offerings, now is the time to change that. Allow yourself to be open, honest and vulnerable. This can prepare you to open up to even greater opportunities in the coming days, weeks and months.

Reading from the deck “Angels and Ancestors” created by Kyle Grey

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