Rune Reading 8-9-2020

Published August 9, 2020 by tindertender

I’ve purchased my first set of runes and below is my first attempt at reading them. Please take from it what you will, or disregard according to your own instinct. As in all readings, your discernment and resonance will let you know if it is for you. Thank you for playing. 🥰

Circumstances are in the lap of the gods. The force is available to you at this time to complete any projects, and a successful conclusion to a problem is at hand. There will be a sense of relief that comes from a positive accomplishment, a mind free from anxiety.

The ending of an old phase of life giving birth to a new and more exciting one. This is a time of positive energies and deliverance, you may be assured of good fortune.

There is a fortunate new influence entering your life, often through unconscious emotions or instincts. EOLH is a rune of friendship and often shows a new relationship with someone who is outgoing, generous and fun to be around. You will be protected from any misfortune. If harm does threaten, you will receive a very strong premonition of disaster which enables you to avoid whatever problems may arise.

There is an indication the spoken word, the taking of advice, or the acquisition of wisdom is forthcoming. Fears should be put aside for the ability to sail through whatever rises with eloquence and ease is yours. Be on the lookout during meetings or chance encounters, especially with older people or those wiser than yourself.

Use careful thought and deliberation, coupled with the advice of another. The advice will be honest and helpful, it will be given totally free of guile and may be just what you need to hear at this time in order to solve a dilemma.

Great victory, success in any competition. This spirit will probably permeate your life for the next three months. You are about to take up a “cause,” or have already done so. It usually concerns the “forces of fair play” versus the “forces of unjust oppression.” You are ready to fight for what you believe in, no matter what the odds, and, you will probably succeed.

Extreme motivation is present, showing a strength of will and a singleness of mind that can enable you to overcome all odds. You will keep up the fight and go from strength to strength tearing up the opposition.

You’re receiving an excellent omen in all questions of love and relationships. It is indicated a timely new romance, filled with happiness and passion could be near.

There are forces outside your control. A disruption could be good when you are taking a risk of some sort and there is indication this risk will pay off. There is a faceless other, as an official or someone with no personal interest in you whatsoever. Trying to fight against Fate or circumstance at this time could bring grief. Sit back and go with the flow. There could be an interruption but it will only last a few months. This interruption could be the catalyst that causes you to totally change your direction.

There are things hidden, secrets, and occult abilities. Something that has remained hidden is about to come to light. This something is usually positive, such as a new opportunity or perhaps a retrieval of an object thought to be lost for good. There may be a secret disclosed, one which you may have been trying very hard to keep to yourself.

Unexpected gains and surprises, an unearned gain of money. The givers motives may be suspect, use discernment.

You may have a strong intuitive or occult ability that may soon be called upon to help someone in a difficult time.

This is what the set looks like.

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