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As promised, my friends, today I will be covering how to heal water. I know for many this is a review, because we covered it awhile ago.

Since my purpose is to help and support you all as you grow into your roles as lightworkers, I hope those of you who are already familiar with this type of healing work will take the opportunity to carry the message to those you know, so that the whole planet can benefit.

All of creation, no matter what physical form something takes, is made of “soul essence.” Soul essence is created by the Creator, and moved into different forms, to serve in different ways. Everything, everywhere, is alive. We are all perfect fractals of our Creator.

When soul essence is first created, it is much a like a tiny baby. The soul essence goes through a process of becoming aware of itself, and realizing it is alive. The first part of the journey of a soul is referred to as its “First Density,” or first level, of consciousness.

In that First Density of consciousness, soul essence, or “souls,” for short, are given the opportunity to try out many different forms, to see where the soul eventually wants to be to continue its individual growth and progress.

All of the water on this planet in linked. It flows through the interior of our planet in great rivers and lakes, and then rises to the surface. Because of the negative energy of the collective consciousness of humanity at the current time, all of the water on the planet is in continual need of energetic healing, by the lightworkers serving on this planet, so that the souls who make up the water remain healthy and able to continue on in their own progress and journeys.

For a long time, I couldn’t figure out how water could be energetically affected by negative energy, and still be Water. I knew that water has a molecular formula of hydrogen and oxygen, and I thought that if that was disturbed, it would cease to be water. But I misunderstood.

Although the water souls are chemically disturbed by toxins and other physical problems that affect water, that is not the issue that needs as much healing. What needs healing is the physical energetic bond of the souls, and the energy of the souls themselves.

Just as you and I constantly need to guard against being affected by the negative energy of the collective consciousness, the water souls are also affected. They aren’t at a place in their journey that they know yet how to ask for or perform healing on themselves.

For this reason, the task falls to us as lightworkers to help them heal. And, the good news is the process is simple. After you learn it and practice for awhile, it will become second nature, and you can walk around, or drive around, and do it without even thinking about it.

The way we heal water is by, once again, focusing our Creator energy we each carry, and directing it outwards, to the water, to heal the water souls. There are several ways to do this, all easy to do.

Since our bodies made of water, healing the water you take into your body is very important. If you heal the water souls that go into you, they will nurture and strengthen your health. So, your drinking water is a really good place to start practicing your healing of water.

When you get a glass of water, hopefully filtered of toxins and heavy minerals, swirl the water clockwise three times. This has the effect of creating a swirling energy pattern that helps the water souls know they are being addressed.

After you swirl the water, you can do a couple of different things. One way is you can dip a living crystal–one that is not over processed and unhealed–into the water, and the soul that lives the crystal will do the healing work for you.

Since carrying around a crystal is not always possible, you can also simply form the image of a crystal in your mind, and visualize yourself moving the image of the crystal to the water. Your energy receives this as direction as to what to do, just like with the healing work we’ve been discussing the past few days that you can do on yourself. Another method of healing the water, after you swirl it, is simply to direct your energy to heal the water, by thinking words of love and healing, and transferring them to the water.

Healing water that is “upstream” of other water will heal the water as it enters another body of water as well. You can heal rivers, creeks, puddles, any water you see around you, by using a variation of these techniques.


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