Beloved Sisters

Published June 17, 2020 by tindertender

You are deep soul women. You won’t find a worthy love in the shallows. Within your chest beats a heart from light. You are from stars.

Beloved Sisters ~

You deserve Divine Masculine. The One who sees you as Holy. Sees you like the high priestess that you are.

Who worships you at your altar as you do theirs in body, mind, spirit and Heart. Someone whose words are prayers pressed openly against your bare Soul.

You deserve someone who sees your loving Heart, free and wild.

Divine Love grows in the Light and honors you, not dismisses you.

You deserve someone who sees the magic that surrounds you as you move between the worlds and feel between the layers of time.

You deserve someone who understands your deep Soul-work, to walk the path of your ancient mystery.

Beloved Sisters ~

You deserve someone who understands you swim in the unknown, you move between worlds and among the shadows. And disappear at times into the realm of the unseen.

And your Love is so strong in time and space that you will always return to them .

You deserve someone who will choose you fully and build a world with you. One of peace, Love and passion.

One and only who embraces you in your wholeness.

Who understands your deep loving, healing Heart in every loving breath in between.

Beloved Sisters ~

You deserve one who loves the fire in your Heart, in your spirit, in your veins. One who celebrates you for all that you are.

Sisters, hold your head high for the One who can see your bright Light. A spirit with a warrior’s heart to match your own heart.

You are born to shine.

You are a deep soul woman. And you won’t find a worthy love in the shallows. Those who are unworthy can never truly see your Light.

Dear Sisters ~

Somewhere on this planet there is One worthy of your love and sees your magic.

Somewhere on this planet beats a Divine Heart deserving your fire. Who is not afraid to dance with your Soul in your endless depths into the unknown.

~ Viera Grossmann


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