There Is Always A Choice

Published June 8, 2020 by tindertender

There is always a choice

Right before you hit an org8smic state

You can lean in, open, accept, surrender, trust

Or you can push it away, shut down, close, limit

No one tells you that the way to org8sm is actually LEANING INTO what is alive right now








Turn on


True pleasure is making space for what IS and then seeing what is underneath that

then underneath that

And feeling the shell crack of the walls we hold up

to protect ourselves from ourselves

to protect ourselves from the other

to protect ourselves from love.

There is always a choice in every relationship

To lean in, speak up

Or to lie, shut down, start again somewhere else

As if somewhere else we will be different, as if we won’t find ourselves excactly the same.

Feeling the same things eventually.

Every relationship will remind us of the abuser

The things we hate

The things that make our skin crawl making us feeling like we want OUT QUICK.

Just like before every org8sm you might feel like you could die

Like you could lose everything and not know what to do with yourself

at the end of this

Every good relationship will bring up the same thing.

Do you lean in or shut down and hide/defend/go numb?

I suggest you lean in.

Woman on fire is a growing family of women across the world holding eachother as we fall in love with what is alive right now

Not what we thought it should be

Not what our parents said it should look like

Not the pressure we put on ourselves to feel something

We don’t.

But only what is the deepest truth.

Registration closes tomorrow.

Written by Maria Palumbo:;

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