Moving On Up, With Purpose

Published June 4, 2020 by tindertender

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You’re not a bad person. You have done bad things. You have made bad decisions. The suffering does not have to continue.

Patterns are the true teller of truth.

Love yourself. How you would like to be loved. Others will follow.

Reactions point to shadows. Document your reactions. Study your patterns. Discover who you are.

You know what you did. If you don’t fix it You are the only one that will suffer. In the end. Not by my hand. Not by the hand of others. But by your own. Your mirror is unforgiving.

To use old thinking to fix current triggers, Results in old patterns, Netting the same old results.

Get rid of all that anger. Replenish it with love. Or will be filled with more anger. Rinse and repeat.

That person you are hurting Is yourself.

You did all that shadow work years ago. I’m sure you’re still fine today. Or are you?

Your friends know your past. Be careful of what they say of your future. Their own blockers skew their perspective.

As you begin to rise, Watch those that attempt to pull you down. Time to take names, And kick some ass!

When they desperately try to tear you down, You are probably on the right course.

Don’t take advice From people who have never taken a chance.

You’ll never amount to anything Says the person that never amounted to anything.

Bullshit food Brings bullshit energy. Avoid bullshit.

Don’t be on the wrong side of Karma.

Karma Is a bitch If you are a liar.

After shadow work Comes the ever important step of Integration. The most crucial part of shadow work. It is you coming to grips with how you will move forward with the new information. It is you replacing the low vibrations with high vibrations. Very important step!

Conformance Is serving their needs. Independence Is serving yours. Compassion Serves ours.

How long are you going to delay Being you, It’s time.

Friends that do not support your dream, Are not your friends.


Keep going ……

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