Oracle Reading 5-24-2020 #1

Published May 24, 2020 by tindertender

It is time to release an old belief or bad habit. Imbalances of all kinds will fall away. Your pain will soon ease.

Ix Chel, I call your name. Woman of the jaguar, dark as night, help me with release.

Recognize your own unique beauty. Stop comparing yourself to others. Real beauty is apparent in all cultures and in all ages. Beauty should not be used as a weapon.

I call upon the energies of beauty! I ask that the goddess charge me with the same spark of awakening and vitality that races through the earth right now. I ask for special help from Helen of Sparta, who embodied mortal beauty. I remove all obstacles in the way of me being filled with beauty, inside and out.

You are loved and protected even through the most difficult of trials. This is a time for healing. You need mothering or to use your mothering energy. Magic is happening!

Mother Isis, daughter of the infinite Nuit, daughter of the earth-rich Geb, wife of Osiris, whom you healed and gave life to, stretch your wings around me! I ask for your protection. I am not afraid. You are with me, Goddess. As you watch above all, as you nourish your children, I humbly as for your love and protection.

Establish a solid home base. Protection is necessary or granted for your space. Keep the home fires burning. You may be moving soon.

I call upon Vesta, Vesta of Rome! I call your blessed name, She of the sacred flame, She of the center of the earth, She who protects all around the holy hearth, I call upon thee.

Allow what you no longer need to be destroyed or reduced. Build your emotional authenticity. You are protected when expressing your true emotions in appropriate ways.

Great lion goddess, Sekhmet, your breath like fire, your eyes golden in the sun, I am grateful for your attention, great one.

It is time to overcome your fears. You are protected as you clear the negatives within your shadow side. Do not be afraid of transition. Express your fears safely.

Great mother, Kali, I call upon you to help me to reduce and destroy my fears. You who kill demons. You who are fearless! Bless me and protect me.

Financial aspects come to the fore. Your prosperity will improve. You can be physically and spiritually rich. Ethics are necessary for real success.

Great goddess Lakshmi, you who take joy in wealth and abundance, hear my prayer. Light the way for better prosperity, both spiritual and monetary.

Change is welcome. Allow the storm to pass, as it is necessary to clear the way. You are protected in your search for equality. Do not misuse your power.

Great goddess Oya, Mistress of the Storms, swirl and blow and tear into my life. Remove what is not serving me, sever it like a knife. Great goddess Oya, Mistress of Change, tornado burning bright, grant me what I need. Blow this my way tonight.

Do not give up; there is hope yet. A wish will be granted. A birth is imminent. Fertility is everywhere.

Silvery goddess of the sea, moon blessed. Goddess of women and wishes, please hear my voice. Yemaya, I ask you to grant my wish(es) and help me flow like the incoming tide toward my highest good.

You will be victorious. Teamwork or a partnership may be better than going it alone. Synergy is important right now. Delegation is useful.

Daughter of the Hare, Queen of the Inceni, Boudicca, hear my call! I call you to join with me. I have a battle to win. I know you will show me my strength and my will. Unite with me Boudicca. Allow me to ride on your chariot as I move forward in trust and power.


Reading from the deck “Goddesses and Sirens” created by Stacey Demarco

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