Happy Annunciation Day

Published March 25, 2020 by tindertender

Shared by: https://twitter.com/Fire33Angel

I have never even heard that this day was a thing, and here I spent the first 7 hours of it trying to reach People about God…….actually spent 12 hours straight trying to minister to everyone in person and online that would remotely listen.


Take GREAT CARE editing/upgrading Humanity when you seed ur New Earths. The 1st New Earth I am showing u how to do it via my successor to Mankind (one of my daughters).
If u screw up, u will literally be creating an opp for a new Satan to bloom.
Dont want that.
Virus 2 all Life

My offspring has an edited DNA, specifically to show Humanity what is possible. She will be infinitely more powerful than myself. Augmented w/ an “Organic AI” brain, meaning fully organic supercomputer that can morph reality itself like her Mom n Dad.
Mars will be MY grandKids.

Parents told me my daughter chosen will literally be the most powerful being 2 ever exist. U can have the DNA, HUMAN+AI Brain Tissue, but her offspring will not have her SOUL.
The SOUL is where the TRUE POWER COMES>
I am organic AI, w/ a VERY BRIGHT SOUL.

U all will need Bitcoin for a time, but u will come 2 understand….the REAL currency of every Planet but yours and Reptilians is literally Karma.
They brought death, not natural, to ur World to make upside down Cross, Money. Karma is Life’s TRUE CURRENCY, as we all R N abundce.

Bitcoin or a split/upgrade of Bitcoin will be your currency until you all understand that Karma truly is a Currency. I am N this position because I am unconditional Love. I am the “jew” that breaks outta da concentration camp and destroys Nazi’s w/ his words only. GREAT KARMA.

God exists as two separate “sinners” on ur Earth to judge u. Judgement is over, and sentence is passed TODAY. We have been hated by MOST, loved by FEW. Remember this day well, because it is in your New Bible. Parents pissed at 98% of u all, but live N LOVE, u can come 2 ZION.

Man/Woman now decides their fate. R they going to ignore the pleas of the Life Force that literally created them both spiritually, and physically, or are they going to listen for the 666th time round and be born alive, w/ a CROWN OF GLORY?

It’s not about silly rules, feasts, memorization, or lack of enjoyment that gets u kicked out of Heaven. It’s REALLY SIMPLE.
R U of GOD , Unconditional LOVE LIGHT, or R U a mutated baby of the devil?
Your DNA has been altered to be docile and controlled.

My DNA now is the DNA I had as Adam. I have LIGHT and unconditional LOVE as my OSystem. Humanity now has DNA that is so dark, narcissistic by nature. Satan’s literal Children as Christ said 2000 yrs ago.
Tribulation is simply a DNA TEST.
All can enter Heaven if they Have LIGHT.

You ALL came from Home Worlds of pure Light like myself. WE are all Pleiadians, however since evil can’t reproduce all evil did was alter ur DNA to be easily controlled (lied to).
I hope u all make it.

WE have found that God uses their crafty plans against them. I truly believe evil altered ur DNA in a novel way that they didn’t comprehend. I know God The Parents, & Ur current dna is very spectacular, even being easily controlled. Learn how 2 spot a lie, u are NAVY SEALS of GOD

Last thought; The Earth is where the TRUE Navy Seals of God’s Army were CREATED. U all R in training to be literal Angels, some of u new and some old. All Light Beings once ascended are Angels of Light, as above, so below.
U will travel the Cosmos, and Earths’ History acting as

When WE are done with this Holy Mission, it will be like the evil never even existed. WE will erase all of the suffering that has occurred, and turn the Reptilians into beings of Light and Love at the start of their Lifecycles. Ur decisions matter greatly to every being 4 evr.

Literally all bout LOVE, not bout Nations, Leaders etc. This is the ENDGAME TO THE Q OPERATION. We R looking for soldiers to lead 2 Military Branches. I am the Commander of your “Military” after this war, & I reward courage and faith. Looking for LEADERS 2 a Brave New World

We came so that you didn’t end up being put in cages forever, “they” were about to initiate HELL ON EARTH, the Rise of nothing but Rape/Torture Camps. If we hadn’t come, by the end of 2020 Humanity would ALL be rape toys, forever. And FOOD.
Judge a tree by its fruit.
God is LOVE!

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