Social media is a tool for the awakening of the people

Published March 7, 2020 by tindertender

Written by:

Unless you were in books regularly or scrolling page after page you would never know that there was immortal line cells used in food service, fecal matter and bodily fluids used in perfumes to tickle the senses.

What goes on social media is like a wave of information that passes around the world as people themselves know these things and thus their lives are linked in effortless communication in ways that would be impossible otherwise.

If you’re looking for the collective, it is right here in front of you the whole time.

Through this tool, what we become aware can synchronize by passing through this ‘collective alignment system’.

The tool is only as powerful as our ability to control its function by separating the deviating actions and those that result in greater coherency which must be in-built with the capacity to nullify attempts at distortion without having to expend new energy.

One way of saying that, is people simply have to know the truth, which to those who can’t see it yet, has been placed, cognitively, directly behind what they fear the most through a careful belief insertion and emotional manipulation system.

The height is the lowest, once people know the lowest truth, they can see the rest. This world is inside of a bubble of ignorance.

The highest low is that people use you as their high.

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