Clean-up On Aisle Nine

Published February 11, 2020 by tindertender

Written by:

Today I want to talk with you about the “mass arrests” many are anticipating.

In the past, many who brought their gifts to this planet foresaw a time when those non-human souls who have oppressed humanity would be stopped.

Their human minds saw these events as arrests. But that was never the plan. It was misunderstood. Mass arrests could only result if one oppressing government decided to arrest others who threatened their power over you. Such arrests would only produce more hatred.

What has already been done, over the past two months, is to remove the non-human souls from the planet who were oppressing you. The non-humans who are evolving here in peace were left here. Those who were removed received justice in the form the Creator mandates.

Other souls from throughout the universe came into these bodies. We decided to try to use these bodies so that the balance of power on this planet is not upset to the point of war. These other souls are now trying to reprogram the brains of these bodies to work through them.

We believe it is a better plan to keep the bodies of leaders on this planet in place, and change the message they are relaying, rather than take them out completely, and watch civil wars erupt throughout the world.

Some expect that we should see all and know all, but it is your collective consciousness that creates the dynamic features of this experiment. Ask for truth to energe in your own life. See it, and don’t reject it, as it does. It will be gradual. Many of you will be shocked.

As you integrate more with your Higher Selves, you will see the great humor and joy that exists within almost all of creation.

Unity consciousness is happy all the time. People feel joy, and laugh, and play. It’s always that wonderful feeling you get when you’re with those you love most. Happiness and joy are what we are meant to feel always, even as we work through challenges.

The way to deal with hostility is to energetically protect yourself, and realize it is a projection of the hostile one, and not something you need to solve. Walk away. Don’t engage. Forgive the one who is hostile.

All eternal justice is done in love for all those affected, as well as the soul whose course is redirected.

Collective consciousness is represented on a council that met and discussed these plans over the course of millennia. We give councils and alliances freedom in what they choose to do for those they nurture and guide.

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