It takes a LOT of effort to ‘free’ the mind of people who are devoted to the illusion

Published December 17, 2019 by tindertender

AKA, if your brain is hardwired to bring harm to others based on the assumption that this is a good thing (and you aren’t at war, and you haven’t been given permission by the Creator of those Souls, to bring them to the Light), then you are participating in an ancient form of Human ritual abuse theater called the “Deception”. It is designed to create a w’rolwynd of altered perceptions and synthetically distorted and realigned hormonal and thus consciousness ‘frame rate’, or ‘parameter set’ which literally sets the boundary functionality of society.

This is because the parameter set for our capacity to experience reality is set within the mental capacity of society itself. It’s either limited or accelerated as the mind is the dial to focus or the filter to alter or distort and reframe. We are either in delusion, or reality.

There is ONE REALITY. ONE TRUTH. If two sources are speaking in contradiction then someone is not telling the truth. If BOTH are lying, then the truth may be something neither is capable of communicating and in such, perceiving.

This could mean the framework for the interactions intended to enable the facilitation of such truthful communications may literally be impossible (up to this point in history).

In other words, if information is hidden from you, and you are set against one another with the premise of embattling in order to ‘find the most honesty’ in either, then you are ensured to:

A) Never find the truth.

B) Expend the available energy you have in meaningless discourse designed for that sole purpose.

This is why the truth is doing what it’s doing. It can’t be any other way as a result of the long term manipulation of human consciousness.

We experiencing the unveiling of the longest, most manipulative, most destructive, infiltration and enslavement of the Human race, by those who began before Humanity really even started.

As a result, people have been conditioned to consider the truth ‘after’ the illusion and this occurs in layers, as in, magnitudes of orders of inverse square reduction of emotional resistance and distortion to incoming clear communication and stimuli until there is no distortion.

Distortion is when people are capable of requesting the truth, in an area they think or have been led to believe they know or are ‘familiar with’ (as in family or life bond) and what they always believed turns out to be entirely false.

A piece of the mind tries to create the necessary empathic feeling of pain and self destruction, depressive neutransmitter release and negative feedback cycle of serotinergic interaction potentially showing destabilization of cycles that require weeks, months to chemically repair.

This is part of the synthesis of suffering that was designed, in the same way an outfit is made to fit a body. A mind cage can be designed to house the mind of a victim and predict and control all intended options for seeing outside that house, mind cage, or communicating with, others, or being able to rest and nurture one’s self properly. They can insert themselves and become the internal false gods of their victims and that is the basic concept of a mind slave. Each one is a mind slave.

So specifically, what one’s unique, natural mind, would see, conceive and internalize to produce the highest degree of impossible projected, internal, perceptual suffering that is rooted in the empathy of the mirror neurons and sympathetic consciousness interactions (automatically sharing feelings, which also must be controlled to be in self control) would be that which would specifically over load that individual’s capacity to feel the burden of mental and emotional stress.

That is the system that was mapped out and people with dark intentions would try to attempt to implement to knock the Human collective on it’s ass, make everyone suffer in turmoil back down into the dark ages and forget about all this while they wait to do it again.

I tell you because there are those out there with the capacity of love. Period.

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