Published December 15, 2019 by tindertender

Holding too tightly to that which we have known can actually force a separation. Minds must open and see others as … people.

Just like Me …

Just like me you want to be happy. Just like me you have experienced suffering. Just like me you were once a child. Just like me you are a Spirit on a journey.

The most obvious and basic way to see we are the same … is to bleed.

I do not wish for this to happen, to you, or to me.

There are stars in your eyes, they twinkle, and they also rage like oceans in crazy weather … sometime sweet, and at others scary as all get-up!

Accepting each other with a deep appreciation, and respect for that which helps another person come into closer union with Universal Power.

The mentality of “I am right, and you are wrong” must come to an end.

All flowers and trees do not grow at the same speed, or pattern. Sometimes they get knocked around pretty intensely. Whether the tree or flower is able to withstand the brunt of the natural course of things is not the issue.

The point is, that some soon, some later, they all return to the life giver to nourish those that remain.

Each part, every person, every bee, every cow, snake, dog, fish, bird, rabbit, squirrel and cat, every part is integral.

We ALL assist in the continuation of the beautiful whole.

It is a glorious “fitting together” of the world.

No good, no bad, simple shifting and becoming into something new.

It’s important that we learn to embrace those who see things differently. Recognize yourself in them. We’ve been trained to think very shallow. Go deeper. Seek the treasure that is below the surface.

Or not …

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