Those Who Judge Will Judge … Those Who Love Will Love

Published December 12, 2019 by tindertender

These days you may receive messages from ‘outside sources’ that say they are watching you, judging you, attempting to instill fear in you. They may be watching your dreams, manipulating them, and even attempting to manipulate your waking moments.

Remember, only antagonists do these things … never those who are of love and of benevolence.

Do what makes you soul sing. If it does not hurt self or others, it is good. Never let someone tell you it is not, and that it shall be judged harshly. Only those who wish to control you will buck at your freedom, and free expressions of joy and love.

We have been aware of those in physical form who do these things. They do not stop once they lose their physical form … they are utilized by the ones who wish for mass chaos in this world.

Fight this interference. This is your life we are talking about … stand firm, tall, and capable …. for you are fully capable of withstanding this distraction.

Adi Shakti, Adi Shakti, Adi Shakti, Namo Namo (I bow to the Primal Power), Sarb Shakti, Sarb Shakti, Sarb Shakti (I bow to all encompassing Power and Energy), Pritham Bhagvati, Pritham Bhagvati, Pritham Bhagvati, Namo Namo (I bow to that which God creates), Kundalini Mata Shakti, Kundalini Mata Shakti, Kundalini Mata Shakti, Namo Namo (I bow to the creative power of the Kundalini, the Divine Mother Power).

You can only bow to the base-of-all in silence, in non-action. For a moment, leave everything as it is. Release your attention so that it is nowhere in particular. That is true equanimity. The supreme meditation is without definition or limitations. Don’t do anything in particular, or you will obscure this limitless meditation. Leave your thoughts be, without replying to them or following them. They will exhaust by themselves.” ~ Masters of the Zhang Zhung Nyengyud of Bonpo Dzogchen

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