Cleaning It Up, In Fantasy Land

Published December 11, 2019 by tindertender

Have you ever toyed with the idea of what ought to be done for the minds and hearts of man in order to bring blessing to this world?

I have. And it always seems that somewhere along the line there is a ‘thing’ that over-steps free will, even if the best of intentions are meant.

I took my bath and came out to the living room. The lighting is dim. I decide to see what comes out, written onto paper I can barely see.

“The bell tolled six. (Gotta start somewhere). An alarm went off in her head.

The Great One has arrived.

He looks upon the earth and sees the destruction, near bankrupt is the planet. He taps in to the inner minds of those who dwell here.

He hears madness. Anger, thoughts of harming self, others and the animals … whoa, the animals … Pain and blame …

As communication attempts are made, the anger multiplies, as does all else …after all … the Human is a walking antennae. When activated all channels amplify.

What dwells within the heart is known.

This appears to be an enormous mess.

Lo and behold, through the plethora of crap, a light shines, two lights, three, and more as minds and hearts begin to align, the globe over.

Soon, the ‘stories’ can be heard for what they are, chaos calming ever so slightly.

Prolonged pain … perpetuated generation after generation. People had forgotten who they are. Only a sliver of a glimmer of recognition shows up for them, occasionally.

As they find each other, He sees their glow grow. Empathy builds between people, between cultures, between countries.

He adds to their humanness. An inner trigger which reminds them when they are about to cause harm, to self, or others.

This trigger is invisible for it is called Compassion and it resides in every heart. The blackness which had been covering it has been lifted, the heart sanitized from its filth.

The beating of this newness within the human body is strong. The heart energy of it glows and connects straight and true to the Great One, and each other … a ‘true’ World Wide Web.

He blesses us with a new heart and an opportunity to clean up the damages we’ve done while ‘sleeping’, disconnected from Care.

He provides us with a way to purify and cleanse the earths polluted waters and soil.

This creation He sees has potential.

He sets to work building a black cube where He sends the darkest of energies from within the hearts of people. These energetic tendrils, the twining snakelike substance are sealed inside this cube for a time, while they too, undergo a purification, a cleansing, renewing their original light bearing ability.

Forgiveness is given, and also well received. The light now allows them to see each other’s hearts, their truest compassion for each other and all sentient beings.”

Fantasy building scenarios which are pleasing to the mind and the idea of growing capacities for love and connection in its purest form is a great way to spend the evening.

And now, I light candles and practice breathing.

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