Self-Reliant Connections

Published December 11, 2019 by tindertender

At what point does “assistance” become “hinderance”? When it does make this apparent transition, the question must also be asked, “Was it ever actually assistance?”

It is easy to look outside ourselves for the help we believe we need. Sometimes we get fortunate and find someone who really does desire to do good, and provides exactly what is needed for us to boomerang into the positive.

Others however, will see the need and exploit it.

It is best practice to rely on our own instinct, our personal connection to Divinity, or our divine helpers, as we see them.

Unless we are in crisis, it is truly better not to give someone else power over our future thoughts and actions.

If we do seek advice from another, yet they are quite vague and require money as payment, or “sacrifice”, and still remain vague while injecting some sort of urgent hugeness to your role in life … let it go. Sincerity requires no fees, and something that important should develop genuine assistance from the other, not payment first and scarce information to follow.

Be a ‘Brick House’.

Be ‘Mighty’.

Hold your weight and stand firm.

Take this custodianship of your life seriously, and for every benefit of your good name, get enough rest. It is required to keep the nervous system calm enough to make proper divine connections.

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