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Published July 20, 2020 by tindertender

Question: Does God prefer those who worship him in any particular fashion?

Answer: God prefers those who worship Him from the heart, with sincerity, doing good and avoiding evil, to those who think they honor Him through rituals that do not make them any better toward their fellow beings.

All creatures are siblings, children of the same God. He summons all those who follow His laws, whichever way they do it.

He who’s piety is nothing but an outward display is a hypocrite. He whose worship is an affectation in contradiction with his conduct sets a bad example.

He who professes to worship Christ, but who is proud, envious and jealous, who is hard and merciless toward others, or who covets earthly possessions, has religion only on his lips, not in his heart.God, who sees everything, shall say, “He who knows the truth is a hundredfold more culpable for the evil he does than the rude primitive man in the desert, and shall be treated accordingly on the day of reckoning.” If a blind man passing by happens to hit you by accident, you forgive him. But, instead, if it is a man with perfect vision who does it, you shall protest, and rightly so.

So do not ask which form of worship is the most suitable, for that would be tantamount to asking whether it is more pleasing to God to worship Him in one language or another. Let me reiterate: your chants only reach God when sung through the gates of the heart.

The Spirits’ Book by Allan Kardec, Chapter 2, Part 2, 654

Photo: https://unsplash.com/@samuelmartins7
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