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He Said I Was Beautiful

Published January 3, 2020 by tindertender

Every time I saw him he was sure to tell me with much admiration how beautiful I was. It was almost embarrassing how he would follow me with his gaze.

Today I wore three-quarter length sleeves.

My tattoos were showing.

Today he did not tell me how beautiful I was. In fact, he looked with disdain at my arms.

I mentioned this to an acquaintance. He said I was reading too much into it. That my senses could not be correct.

This is how we are taught to ignore our senses, our innate knowing of situations and circumstance. This is the training we receive from our average interaction, with average people.

Trusting our instinct, recognizing the varying responses we receive from others, being aware of the differences within the encounter … these energy transitions are more true than any words could be, yet …

We are told we must be wrong, paranoid, too sensitive.

The truth speaks for itself, regardless of spoken word.

Perceptions are often traditional.

Once he saw my tattoos, he seemed to view me as some sort of woman unworthy of his admiration.

One more “judge” to be avoided.

I spent 50 years without them. Now I am blessed with opportunity to see how people view me, with them.

This is the same reason I cut my hair short occasionally. It weeds out the “judges”, those who jump to the conclusion I must be gay.

This person doesn’t change, only the way she “appears”.

Funny … as in haha, yet it is also very sad to know people are locked in these mind sets.

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