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Published December 14, 2020 by tindertender

AND FREEING ONESELF FROM OPPRESSION. Good evening, old and new friends. Tonight, due to the things taking place in the world, I’m going to leave our discussion on health and start a new discussion on what drives oppression.

As we’ve discussed before, in addition to “anchoring light,” simply by incarnating here on Earth, lightworkers have four primary tasks: To lead, protect, teach and heal Humanity. As part of leadership and teaching, it is important for us, as a team, to understand “Oppression.”

What is oppression? Oppression has three main definitions. First of all, it is the state of being under mental pressure or distress. Secondly, it can be the state of being subjected to unjust treatment or control. Or, it can be prolonged cruel or unjust treatment or control.

When we discuss oppression, I will mostly be referring to the third definition: the prolonged cruel, or unjust treatment or control of people. Can you think of situations affecting some part of the human (or lightworker) experience that meets this definition?

We don’t really need to look too hard to see that many of those around us are suffering right now. Millions of families are losing their homes, because they lost jobs and income. Millions of souls are unhoused, living on the streets, not knowing when they will eat again.

These types of situations are obvious oppression. But the less obvious, misunderstood type of oppression is what Jesus, in his service mission, fought over 2000 years ago: Oppression by organized religion and by governments.

When we all committed to come and serve Humanity on this planet, we committed to do our best to teach “Unity Consciousness,” where every soul is valued and cared for, despite their situation, and every soul is represented by their government.

In Unity Consciousness, no one dies because they can’t afford medical care–the community provides care and heals them as part of their commitment to each other. No one goes hungry, even if they cannot provide food for themselves.

But here on modern-day Earth, people are taught to hate and fear the homeless, the immigrant, the refugees, and the hungry. How did this ever happen? Why haven’t we been able to establish Unity Consciousness on Earth?

There was a scholar named Dr. Howard Thurman (1900-1981), a Black man who was mentored by Mahatma Ghandi, and who went on to mentor Dr. Martin Luther King. Dr. Thurman wrote a book called JESUS AND THE DISINHERITED.

In that book, Dr. Thurman discussed Jesus’s mission–to serve the “disinherited”–the oppressed–members of the jewish society of his day. As we know, Jesus actually taught the Law of One, although he did not call it that. He did that to try to help the Jews to free themselves.

Dr. Thurman noted that in the time of Jesus, as was the case in Dr. Thurman’s lifetime, and still today, there are three awful things that are used to oppress people, which he called, “The Hounds of Hell.”

The Hounds of Hell were not dogs, but are three things that politicians and organized religion and other people and organizations use to oppress people. The Hounds are FEAR, HYPOCRISY, AND HATRED.

One of the reason Humanity is oppressed, as a soul group, and many of us along with them, is that we adopt the oppressive language of our oppressors–the Hounds of Hell–which divides us and makes us hate each other, rather than serve each other. Then, we can be controlled.

Another popular weapon to divide and oppress us are conspiracy theories. Although many people today think conspiracy theories are fairly new, since the last century, they’ve been happening since the time of Atlantis. Conspiracy theories use all three Hounds of Hell to oppress.

And in using the Hounds of Hell–Hypocrisy, Hatred, and Fear–conspiracy theorists don’t inform of actual facts, but lead people to believe the absurdities that will be used to get them to commit atrocities, as we have discussed before.

I told you a few months ago about my lifetime where I served as a Jew in one of the concentration camps of the Third Reich. The Third Reich came to power because of conspiracy theories, where the Jews, and monsters, and demons, were blamed for all the problems in German society.

The essence of any conspiracy theory is always the same–that one group of people, or perhaps two, are the root of all evil in society, and by getting rid of them, we can end the evils of society. Does this sound familiar to you now?

The thing that is the most sad about the Third Reich is that many lightworkers added to the power of those conspiracy theories that resulted in the deaths of 6 million innocent people. Lightworkers tend to get caught up in conspiracy theories more than souls of human origin.

On this planet, since soul group Humanity voted for the “Duality” system (which provides the most opportunities for developing either Service to Self or Service to Others polarity), all of the groups targeted by the Hounds of Hell are providing service opportunities to humanity.

The homeless, for example, are providing opportunities to develop either polarity. By ignoring them and their needs, and blaming them on a politician, we can easily develop Service to Self polarity.

Or, we can serve them–provide them with shelter, mental health and addiction counseling, food, clothing–and develop Service to Others polarity. The homeless agreed to teach the rest of us hard lessons in this incarnation.

I ask you to consider what you think about when you see a homeless person, or a refugee, or a person of religious beliefs you don’t understand. What comes to your mind? Do you find yourself afraid, or hating them, or wishing for an outcome you would not accept for yourself?

Have you, as a lightworker, adopted the Hounds of Hell talk of our oppressors, thrown out to scare people into voting for a particular individual? Have you been taught by oppressors to fear providing medical care to those who can’t otherwise afford it, or food, or shelter?

All of us, with our responsibility to lead and teach Humanity, have to always question what we are thinking, and examine whether we have adopted the language of Humanity’s oppressors, the Fear, Hatred and Hypocrisy, or whether we are teaching Unity Consciousness.

When billionaires are supported with favorable public policy, who pay their employees so little that the employees have to go on public assistance, we are helping to oppress Humanity if we are not speaking out for the oppressed employees who work, but still can’t buy food.

Unity Consciousness is so different than what we are living with on this planet. There is one lightworker for every seven souls of Human origin on this planet. We have the voice, we have the understanding to help Humanity turn things around to Unity Consciousness.

But first we have to go through every thought we personally have, and see if it supports the Hounds of Hell, or whether it supports Unity Consciousness. Oppression has affected all of us while we’ve been here. It’s time for us to shed the energy of oppression.

I ask you to consider what you accept from the talking heads in politics and religion and other groups. Hear what they are advocating for, and whether it will lead Humanity to Unity Consciousness, or to more misery and lack of positive growth. Speak out. Speak up!

Your voice as a leader is needed now, more than ever. But first, you have to sort through every thought, and make sure you are leading the right direction–towards unity, not following the Hounds of Hell.

As we teach the Law of One–love, forgiveness, and nonjudgment for ourselves and each other–we will defeat the Hounds of Hell, and those who speak those words. We will lead, as we came to do, showing Humanity a better way, just as Jesus and the Buddha tried to do.

The fact that you came to this planet shows that you have the strength to help Humanity turn things around, during this, their Ascension Transition period. You can do it, if you change your own thinking first, and reject the language of the oppressors.

The next six weeks is a critical period for Humanity. A lot can happen if the Hounds of Hell become more powerful and accepted, and Humanity becomes more and more divided. Please step forward and defeat the fear, hatred, and hypocrisy with your own voice of LOVE and UNITY.

Please go to the website, at loveandlightworks.com, and read about how to pull more Fifth Dimensional energy down and ground it into the planet. This is really critical right now, along with examining each thought and action.

I am honored to serve among all of you. You are all amazing beings of light, serving in one of the toughest places in the entire galaxy. Together, there is nothing we can’t do, if we work on, and fix ourselves, first. Much love, my friends.

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