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Religion ~ Yom Kipper

Published September 16, 2020 by tindertender

I was not raised with any type of religion …. or even any sort of metaphysical beliefs.

In August the date of September 28th was spoken to my mind from the unseen. I asked some folks I had been communicating with if that date meant anything to them, to which they replied, no, and so I asked that they keep it in mind.

Last night I had a visitor in the astral. A man with a full beard, he lifted it to expose his throat and told me I could punch him if I wanted to. Of course I said, “I do not want to punch you, I want to learn from you.”

Today I looked at the calendar. Yom Kipper is the 28th, beginning at sundown on the 27th.

I am completely naive when it comes to religions, faiths, and practices. I can tell you tho, that since this specific date was spoken to me from beyond the veil, and since I had a visitor in the astral who was obviously a Jewish man, I will do my best to honor the holy day, and abide by the rules, seeking the forgiveness and atonement … for I can tell you this has not been an easy process, this awakening. I’ve said many things that were of war-like nature and rebellion, when all my heart ever wished for was peace.

Yom Kipper is marked by a 25 hour fast starting at sundown (6:57pm pst) of the 27th until sundown (6:55pm pst) on the 28th.

During this time no water is allowed, including that which is used to brush the teeth. Medication should be avoided unless it will cause a major life threatening event. No sex, no shower (or washing), no cosmetics, no creams, no perfumes, no deodorant, no cell phones and no leather shoes for they denote wealth and prosperity. I’m guessing this goes for jewelry also.

It is stated that one is to do no work that day, although I am required to go to work, and if I call in sick, I’d be lying … so I’m hoping it is a slow day and I can chill out in meditation to some simple sounds. (I wonder if music is not allowed?) I’ve googled it and found a guided meditation, and also a site that states meditation, music and movement will be part of the services.

“On Yom Kippur, we stand completely revealed in this mysterious enterprise called life,” said Rabbi Yael, specifically avoiding the word “God,” since the concept can sometimes close the hearts of people who are not sure what they believe. 

Clothing worn can be white if one wishes to connect more fully with the atonement and repentance of the day.

Tashlich, the symbolic casting away of sins on Rosh Hashana, is usually done outside by a body of water, you can throw pebbles, or bird seed in whatever nearby water is available, including a kiddie swimming pool. Another option: Writing down your sins on rice paper, which dissolves in water. (On Amazon, it’s often referred to as “spy paper.”) PS ~ Don’t drink the water.

My life has been one trial after the other. There have been many circumstances that came and went that actually threatened my life, my health, both physical and mental. At times, even now I might add since I have greater realization, my entire well-being is at stake, simply by being unobservant or careful about certain things … and so I work on altering habitual patterns that are not of benefit.

I can tell you, I had no idea that who I have been experiencing for the last near 20 years was participants of the faith, and that of the actual Jewish God. And here I thought I was simply insane.

This is our wake-up call … should we choose to heed it.

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