Published April 20, 2023 by tindertender

Inside of us is a very large book, the story of our lives and the experiences which formed our character and presentation in the world.

When we speak, we use shorthand usually, creating a mini movie. We say the least amount possible believing the story to be understood at a fraction of its value.

Could it be that our essence is speaking in energy, emotion, vibration, and at our core we believe (unconsciously) that the energies in themselves speak a portion of the story?

We speak in one way, but most often we don’t listen … with the ears, or with our inner receptors, our “feelers”.

We’ve forgotten the language, Universal Language. The language of vibration.

Many are empaths and have felt the storyline their whole lives, transmuting denseness.

Others utilize words and energy to weave a web, a snare.

Oh the art of communication. That long ago, tweaked and fouled, verbal and energetic connection.

Can we begin to “hear” again, by feeling?

Can we clear up our connections so we can understand each other?

I Think Wi-Fi signals mess up our toroidal fields, affecting our mental, emotional, energetic balance and ability to send/receive properly.

Perhaps there will be a shift.

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