Holding You

Published February 15, 2023 by tindertender

If they love you, they love every memory of you,
Each wrinkle, a chapter to feel.
If they love you they love you in present and past,
They will kiss all the hurt till it heals.

If they love you, each scar becomes who you are;
A page in your story of life.
For love doesn’t see; it feels deep within;
Love doesn’t cut like a knife.

Love doesn’t see imperfections,
It only feels where love can grow.
Love doesn’t go for the taking;
Love is the give and the show.

Each weight we hold onto in whispers
Can lift like a feather in flight,
If we trust in all our imperfect
And balance each dark with the light.

Be love, no secret disguises;
Embrace every reason you lack;
For love can never find you
If you’re hiding behind your own back.

Love doesn’t see you as flawless;
It sees you imperfectly planned.
Love will love you completely
When you reach out and hold your own hand.

So love you, love every memory of you,
Each wrinkle, each chapter; just feel.
Love all you are in present and past,
For your love is your love to heal.

Heather Lea

Art: ‘A Promise to Keep’ by Anuja Sachdeva

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