Fun in the Sun

Published February 11, 2023 by tindertender

Somebody’s a Hero … Ggrrr …

A beautiful stream of running water, divine.

The falls are wonderful, cleansing, purifying. Just being near releases all kinds of dense energy from the body.

These squarish rocks are interesting.

Natural stairs made of roots.


So much history here.

This is my home. After all the years I’ve been here (and there) I had not gone inside the building on the point. Today, I did, and was pleasantly surprised.

The original artwork, paying tribute to those people of the river, our indigenous brothers and sisters.

I took a video of the sun. I posted it to Twitter. Right away they locked my account for 12 hours. What did I capture here that caused them to do that?

I arrived home and took another video of the sun. It’s large and appears to be misshapen, and of course, they are spraying to block it out so we cannot see what’s got them so concerned.

We should all be paying more attention to the activity of the sun and moon.

Allegedly from Singapore on this day – Watch it till the end.

The same day Twitter locked me out of my account for posting video of the sun.

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