The Cost of Loving

Published February 7, 2023 by tindertender

Hu-man (God-man)
Lions of God

Question: Why do you suppose the human body has been riddled with injection after injection during life? Why do you suppose the food supply is toxified?

Answer: to weaken the bioform, to cause disruption in the nervous system and the electrical field of the body.

Question: Are you aware of patented technology allowing certain users the ability to implant thoughts into your field of consciousness?

Answer: Subliminal thoughts are seeded into the subconscious, thoughts of self-loathing, unworthiness, guilt, shame, anger. These thought forms lower the vibration of the body’s fields.

Question: Why do you think the food supply, vaccine injections and thought implants are used to cause sickness and gender dysphoria?

Answer: To demasculate the males and confuse the females. To infect the body, the temple, with disease. These tactics were used specifically to weaken Humans.

In these now moments all hell is breaking loose, literally. And most either cheer it on, blindly enraptured by it, or ignore altogether, even denying it’s existence.

It’s a tiring position to be in, wishing to help bring awareness, but most dismiss me as crazy or just plain insignificant.

The cost of loving.

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