Published December 28, 2022 by tindertender

Doesn’t it make you wonder why you can feel all these big energies but the Schumann Resonance barely registers anymore?

We can feel them coming in?

You can see how they helped to elevate your ascension.

The incoming energies are helping to upgrade you, along with the inner work.

Following your triggers and emotions to see what is needed to be released from within.

The energies of this time are so high Solar weather tools like the Schumann Resonance aren’t made to read or even register these extremely high energies.

The only that is, is YOU.

Your system was created to take these energies in and expand with them.

Not an easy task even on the best of days.

Yet you continue to do just that and thrive in these energies the best you can.

Speaking of thriving, today is a very special day. We are taking in more energies and coming closer and closer not only to the Clarion Call but the Love Wave itself.

As we go through the next 24 to 48 hours the ascension team asks that you look into yourself.

They have been sending in energies to help you upgrade since 2018.

We are in the culmination of those energies now.

The Clarion Call is on the way to you first.

If it takes 24 more hours or 88 hours, it is what it is. There’s no years left, just hours or days.

Relax into that knowing. They want you to seek less timing and understand more how of how you’re feeling.

So when you find yourself deep in your 3d mind thinking nothing is happening, release from it and feel into you.

That’s where you’ll find the true you and all the power and knowings that you seek.

Much love and light,
-SA Smith

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