Published December 26, 2022 by tindertender

All the men who chase her say they are attracted to her fire.

Until they realize that she’ll burn them too, if they’re not respectful of who she is.

They’re full of ego and bravado, claiming they can’t wait to tame her-

Until they realize she’s a strong woman who won’t be tamed.

She just wants someone to run beside her.

She spots those would be suitors just as soon as they arrive, knowing they have no idea what she is all about.

She’ll never settle, make do or be okay being treated as an option.

She knows her worth, for she’s paid the price to learn who she is and what she is made of.

And it’s that same strength and fiery spirit that draws men in … and burns them down as they try to control her.

And so she continues to live her best life.

Happy to keep bettering herself, growing and making the most of her days and nights.

She doesn’t need anyone to fix her, save her or complete her.

Just walk beside her, accept her and love her.

She’s content to be alone until one comes along worthy of her love.

Because she’s not lonely.

Her life is full of love, light and beautiful moments.
No man will ever change that, for the right one will only amplify the most gorgeous parts of her life and her soul.

So, she’ll keep smiling and laughing quietly to herself as would be heroes pursue her relentlessly,
Only to discover they can’t handle her fire.

After all, she’ll never be easy, shallow or superficial.

Give her deep conversations, passionate love, and honest truths instead of temporary satisfaction.

She’s done everything else simpler and easier and those shallow pursuits never made her happy.

She needs more.

She deserves more.

And until she finds one who deserves her, she’ll keep burning brightly and living loudly.

And I know this to be true…
Because she is me.

~ Ravenwolf

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