The Difference Between Fallen Angels and Demons

Published December 3, 2022 by tindertender

A few hi lights from the above videos:

Fallen angels can materialize at will and are much more powerful than demons. They don’t die and can mate and have children.

Fallen angels chose to leave their first estate and violate humans, interbreeding hibreds.

Hibreds were known as nephilim, demons are the disembodied hibreds.

The hibreds die, unlike the fallen angels, but they live longer than humans, as humans are injected with disease, kept in addictive phases, and their energies are harvested so not only are they poisoned until they die, they are operating at a fraction of their Source energy, Life Force.

Demons need to “get in” a body, that’s why alcohol is legal. During the stages of inebriation, the safety shield of the auric fields weaken and allows entry. Black outs? Nah, that’s just you being kicked aside for awhile while a demon uses your body for a good time.

Law makers (politicians/ dark magicians) have made deals with demons for power, they sold folks out, as they enticed youth into alcoholism and other drug addictions from a young age. By the time they are adults, many are so deep into habitual patterns of self abuse … it’s really sad.

Humans, in their ignorance, don’t know of these “deals” made at their expense. These “rulers” think humans are stupid because they just go along with whatever they say, dark magic “deals with demons” have proven to be quite effective at hypnotizing the masses into lethargy, apathy and compliance.

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