Harvesting Energy off Source Souls

Published November 29, 2022 by tindertender

Bill Gates patented exclusive rights to use the human body as a local wireless network.

Patent number 6,754,472 states that Microsoft now owns the rights to “methods and apparatus for transmitting power and information using the human body.” The company said in a statement that the human body is merely licensed intellectual property. Microsoft plans to connect the human body with electronic devices such as pagers and cell phones.


A list of links on the subject:


They’ve been using the human body as a battery for a long time, now they’re just going public with it. They’re not human, they cannot generate their own electricity, they must harvest it from Source Souls.

This way they keep the Source Soul in a weakened state that cannot overcome those who feast on their energies.

If they harvest our energy, leaving us crumbs to function on, we’ll have barely the life force to be a good slave.

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