English Alphabet

Published October 1, 2022 by tindertender

Written by: @AxtroMagic

Our language is all back to front! Metatron ensured of that!

He reversed our wording😔😔

My remark:

I did not know this. My speech is sometimes backwards from the system. Similar to how Spanish folk will speak English sort of backward, is how I catch myself speaking sometimes, but I’m American, white, born and raised with this language. Internally I know it’s off.

Response from Author:

You are more in-tuned with our REALM reality than 99.9% of us!

The fallen angel Metatron did such a number on humanity😔🥺

Astro-speaking, DYK you were brilliant in your previous re-incarnation? Reason for your language difficulties now, so you can learn more.


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