Dear “Mr. Be Careful”

Published August 14, 2022 by tindertender

Have you not reviewed my life?

Have you ever seen me, in my 56 years, and probably in previous lifetimes … have you ever seen me “be careful”.

The only time I’m careful is when driving, or walking across a river on slippery rocks.

No. You have witnessed me throwing caution to the wind, taking risks that most definitely were going to hurt, and did.

You have seen me make plans, get there, and before exiting the vehicle spontaneously changing my mind and doing something else, somewhere else.

You have seen me rebel against those who attempt command over my consciousness …. By those in a physical vessel, and by those unseen.

You know without doubt, I’m certain, that anything worthwhile requires a risk be taken. It’s always been that. Either it will be what is intended, or it will be something else.

This is my time for something else.

I am not alone.

I am loved.

And even if the violators infiltrate and place a puppet actor in my midst, even if they gain access, it won’t hinder the bigger picture, the final outcome.

They are fully aware of the workings of a collective. One individual member missing does not stop the production of what’s necessary. Ask the honey bee. It’s a continuous cycle.

Should the violator of creation win their war, seeking their own sovereignty, the planet cannot support them much longer. They’ve ensured this.

They are not creators. They use creation to generate mutations. These mutations will fail. They will recognize the value of humanity and other species who contain the Primordial Light of Source Creation.

It will be too late for them.

Their future is sealed, many times over.

The mutations of their mutations will degrade over “time”, with each “generation”.

This is no longer personal.

This is Collective.

Divided we fall. With every “death” there will be an end to a potentiality. We must learn to act collectively, the adversary does.

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