What If …

Published June 9, 2022 by tindertender

What if the small gray alien of Roswell was actually a doll body inhabited by the Satan, come here from the future to tell us how they’ve realized the importance of humanity. After raping children and women, mutating the dna of creation, Creator took that dna from them …

They were given a “house”, weak and without genitals. Never to rape again. Never to enjoy ejaculation or procreation again. Evicted from creation, and still denying God, Creator.

This is how i see them now. As little doll bodies. Those who want to prevent this future spray the skies, denying the Sun shine upon life. Fearful in the extreme of their fate. Their shenanigans will fail, my sisters, the children, and my brothers will be freed and healed.

Every time I look at a chemically cloud covered sky, I smile, sensing their fear. They are good destroyers, but they cannot destroy my King, My God, My Creator and My Families Victory.

It will happen just like they know it will. With a little gray body skin suit.


The abductions? Just an attempt to harvest genetic material (and life force energy) so they can get their so called “glory” back.

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