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Published June 2, 2022 by tindertender

Written by @13StarSoul

When people hear the word witch, most people automatically co-relate it to the Dark Arts. Unfortunately that is the bias created due to years of BS being fed about what exactly being a witch entails.

This post is going to focus on the different types of witches that exist.

Magick is just magick it is the intention of the person doing that magick that make it good or bad.

Most witches identify as eclectic, which means that they practice at least a few different kinds of magic.

1) Green Witch – Green witches are also known as garden or forest witches, are very connected to the earth & draw their magic from the natural world. They incorporate earthly elements like herbs, plants, into their practice & enjoy study them. They also work with the Fae.

2) Hedge Witch – “Hedge” means boundary between this world & spirit realm; hedge witches are known for “flying” into spiritual world when they practice magic. They perform small, daily domestic actions that make life easier for both them & others. They often focus quite a bit on the hearth, home & tend to partner with animals.

3) Kitchen Witch – They mainly practice magic in the kitchen. They use herbs, cooking, potions, & other types of recipes to concoct spells. Their power stems from the actual process of cooking or baking and the emotions you put into it.

4) Faery Witch – Also known as a Fae witch connect with faeries at the most basic level. Faery witches love nature spirits, woodland creatures, trees, & the Fae. They invite all of these elements into their practice.

5) Fire Witch – Draw power from fire. They love the element, or may have more success with fire spells such as candle spells, potions over an open flame, etc. As a fire witch, they are hot & fiery in nature. They like quick results which is exactly what fire spells bring them.

6) Divination Witch – They focus, on divination practices like Tarot, astrology, scrying, pendulum, meditation, etc. Many divination witches are eclectic as well, they enjoy incorporating divination practices into the craft.

7) Sun Witch – They derive power from the sun. Spells that deal with new beginnings will be better to cast at sunrise, while banishing spells will have more power during sunset.

8) Storm Witch – They draw energy from crazy weather. They might have a preference for a specific type of storm or enjoy chaotic weather energy in general, but they will definitely feel more powerful & excited when the weather is tumultuous.

9) Lunar Witch – The moon represents emotions, water, & the subconscious, as well as powerful, deep magic. A moon witch, is very in-tune with lunar cycles & draws power from the moon.

10) Swamp Witch – The swamp witch uses the healing elements of nature around them (especially mud) and develops their own strong magic through the intense emotions they feel surrounding society and expectations.

11) Elemental Witch – The hallmark of an element witch is incorporating the 4 elements (earth, air, fire, and water) into their practice. Elemental witches use the elements when casting spells; they may only use 1 element at a time or all 4.

12) Sea Witch – A sea witch has a strong connection to water and to the ocean. Sea witches connect with ocean spirits & have an almost psychic connection with the sea. They may use sand, shells, driftwood, or even sea water to perform magic.

13) Crystal Witch – They are deeply connected to the vibration & energetic power of crystals, gems, & stones.

14) Ancestral Witch – To be a hereditary or ancestral witch, one needs to have ancestors who were witches. Hereditary witches harness power from the spirits of their ancestors to perform magic.

15) Cosmic Witch – A cosmic witch is all about the sky. They look to astrology, astronomy, & the stars & moon. They incorporate energy from the stars in their practice & may especially like to study past life astrology. Some cosmic witches are starseeds and integrate practices from their home planet into the craft. They might connect with deities associated with the stars or formulate spells based on planets, the alignment of the stars, etc.

16) Chaos Witch – They draw power from chaos. They perform emotional, tumultuous magic. Their spells are fueled by energy that clashes. Chaos witches often perform magic with intense music, during storms, or even when they’re feeling a bit drained emotionally.

17) Ceremonial Witch – These witches are focused on the ritual of the craft and draw power from performing a ceremony that is meaningful. A ceremonial witch is part of a coven & will treat their ceremonial magic more as a religion. When you practice ceremonial magic (also known as traditional wicca), there isn’t always a clear distinction between “good spells” & “black magic” so your morals & knowledge will depend on the types of traditional ceremonies you follow.

18) Dianic Witch – They focus on the feminine. They usually worship the Roman goddess Diana, but can sometimes focus on all goddesses as the divine feminine is the most important aspect of Dianic witchcraft. Dianic witches will practice a lot of meditation and visualization in addition to their magic. The focus of the practice is to heal inner wounds that these witches have received from the patriarchy.

19) Traditional Witch – They base their practice in very old magic, often known as the “Old Religion”. These witches do a lot of research & take a historical approach to their magical practice.

Other types – Eclectic Witch, Secular, Urban/City Witch, Natural, Cottage Witch.

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