Published April 16, 2022 by tindertender

A Teaching from White Eagle

Power is not physical strength or dominance over other life, nor is it control by fear or taking leadership by force.

True power is to have the truth within and to not be fooled by the ones who do not have the greater good for all.

For It is your spiritual eye that once it is opened then all darkness cannot hide from your great illuminating light, for this spiritual eye within you is not influenced by the ego of others or yours but it is a moral compass.

This is when you have spiritual power, and this great power is unlimited in your discernment to what is the truth under spiritual law and what is not.

To live this life fully spiritual awake where years of deceiving you with physical conditioning has disappeared is when you truly are at your most powerful, for physical power is ego and usually comes at the expense of others, but spiritual power comes from the Great Spirit and usually comes for the greater good of all.


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