The Box Elder Beetle ~ aka: The Love Bug

Published April 3, 2022 by tindertender

At a gathering with chosen family, singing our collective prayers to the heart beat of the drum, a little beetle decided to cross my path.

I said to myself, this is a message.

I discovered that this is a Box Elder beetle, signifying markings are the triangle at the end of the wings, and a razor sharp edged shell, serrated, causing most predators to spit it back out.

It is also known as the Love Bug, as in season, they gather in droves for their yearly orgy. They’ll cover a wall so thick. A living wall. Passerby beetles get a whiff of the pheromones and come to join the party.


You are protected by a Love interest …. your personal Love Bug. Passion and protection, are crossing your path… will you take notice? As you’ve just notice Me?

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