No-thing Goes Unnoticed

Published March 28, 2022 by tindertender

If people truly understood that the things they do and say when they think no one is watching or listening is actually seen and heard by many in our neighboring, unseen realms, they might consider keeping a more peaceful inner dialog, and not do the things darkness tempts them with.

No-thing goes unnoticed. When folks think they’re being sneaky and clever, the only one they’re fooling is themself. All is known.

Since so many people have separated themselves from Creator and the love of life itself, they do not understand that they are choosing separation from Source, the essence of life. It is my belief that this is why they cannot sense the harm they do, for they are disconnected.

There are others who do what they are told … to gain power and respect, or authority over others … but the inside of them begins to fade, that goodness that dwelled there. They notice it and continue anyway … this time perhaps because of a fear that if they stop, they will be killed, or those they care for.

This cycle has to shift somehow, and it truly is in the hands of those who are being used, given instruction to cause more damage. The choice of what the future will be is in their hands, not their bosses. Their bosses are nothing without them.

Power comes most cleanly by open sharing of ideas and methods which produce the greatest benefit for ALL. Assisting each other whole heartedly, without greed or need for power or control. Sharing and caring is pure at its core. This is the same concept as a good workout that strengthens the human bodies core. This Center is the foundation upon which all else rests, without it, nothing thrives.

There’s no such thing as clever beyond measure. There will always be one better, and there will always be a fall if honor and integrity aren’t in play.

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