Never Forget

Published February 25, 2022 by tindertender

They are liars.

They raise the anger then they raise the frustration and even shock, they may kill a few or many to increase despair, then they harvest the energy for their binding spells against humanity.

While they profit in a very big way.

And continue to rule over the sleepers, as they fight amongst themselves like little children, unaware they are slave, bound by those who practice the dark arts and lord over them.

True currency is energy, soul, while the 3D representative of “power” and authority is money.

They’re taking it all, while we wonder why life for us is shit. Why we are sick, poor, and live a life of struggle and suffering.

Yes, their lives are built upon what they “stole” from us, our vitality, our energy, our life.

Primordial Light of Source Creation, remember your value.

We are electric. The antennae resting between the heavens and the below stage. We magnify that which we allow to flow through us. We either make intentional use of this energy, this electricity, or someone else harvests it and uses it for whatever THEY wish to use it for.

Here are a list of patents for harvesting “electricity” from the atmosphere.

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