March ~ Oracle Forecast

Published February 24, 2022 by tindertender

The deceiver is focused on the past, what is behind them, perhaps to do what has always been done, checking procedure, as a winged one watches the scene from an elevated position. The wily one has plans for the fall of its opposite, yet the angelics are fully aware, simply observing the situation as it plays out.

It is a clear winters day.

A transition is in processes. A sickness in the world is being exposed, even as it inflicts the people. The protector of the dead is present, weighing hearts, determining worthiness. An absolute ending of what was, will be.

The snake is cheating, deceiving and luring all it is able ensnare. While portraying the loyal best friend, it is planning malicious betrayal, its only intention to do harm.

Knowledge will be given to a woman, who then transmits the knowledge to others. This knowing will be shared and received at a quick rate of speed. It will be magical.

This is a new cycle, and an ending of the old state.

14 ~ Make your intentions clear and constructive. Transform, restore, and develop gradually and steadily. Remain positive and get rid of all negativities to enjoy a joy-filled life.

9 ~ Focus on humanitarian and philanthropic efforts. Trust your instincts. Being selfless will draw you nearer to the divine realm than ever before. A new cycle in life is coming, embrace it.

8 ~ You are not alone. Cosmic energies are all around you. Karma is being balanced. All will be well. Be kind to others.

7 ~ You are capable of fulfilling your divine purpose. Change is coming, and soon, you will be able to know what to do with your life.

18 ~ This is the end of one chapter in life and the beginning of another. All the problems and challenges gone through in the past will be forgotten, and you will have new feelings to start the new life with. You will have a new sense of purpose. You are better equipped to handle new challenges since you learned from the challenges in your previous experiences. You are strong and resilient.

10 ~ You have the strength and courage to overcome every challenge that comes your way. Every obstacle you overcome makes you stronger. Remain positive in everything that you do. Persevere in every situation you find yourself, and you will come out victorious.

26 ~ It is time for you to introduce balance and stability in your life. This will, in turn, bring about peace, harmony, and joy. Be calm and have lots of faith in the divine powers for the rewards coming your way. Be faithful, and all will be well. Positivity is the key to prosperity. Challenges are just stepping stones toward prosperity.

29 ~ Maintain a close relationship with the divine realm. Have complete trust in yourself.

1 ~ Enjoy happiness, peace, and love to the fullest. You are a blessed creation. Now is a good time to let go of the past.

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