She Is …

Published January 23, 2022 by tindertender

She is sensitive to emotion.
She possesses profound knowledge.
She is a healing force for others.

Balance has been achieved.
She rests in a harmonious state of consciousness.

Avoiding extremes, various combinations are tried until the right one is found.

She sees things as a whole.
A clear idea of what is happening is known.

She expresses her ideas in a positive way.
She is patiently persistent.

She has mastered the Self, and Fear, and Doubt.
She projects well-being, authority, and clarity.
She controls her emotions.

She is a Leader.

She is open with others so her actions are not interpreted as conniving or underhanded.

She receives good fortune, which she shares.
Her needs are met in abundance on all levels.

Obstacles are overcome.

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