Bhadra Kali

Published December 27, 2021 by tindertender

Our wild divine mother knows when to become gentle with our hearts, bestowing sweetness that liberates us from fear. Though you may have faced much struggle and challenge on your path, though it may seem only the most powerful intensity could stem the tide of negativity, the dark mother of grace will conquer the obstacles to your freedom with gentleness. She manifests herself now as Bhadra the gentle. She will calm the waves of emotion, eradicate doubt and despair, and provide safe and graceful passage through all difficulties.

Bhadra Kali, or ‘wish-fulfilling Kali’, is an auspicious and gentle form of Kali Ma. She is Kalyani who gives peace and happiness. She is the giver of windfalls and blessings. She appears when a gentle way will best accomplish what is needed. Sometimes, we are drawn to Kali because we need her ferocity. Sometimes, what we learn as we connect with her is that we deserve tenderness, sweetness and gentleness, and that we have been far too hard on ourselves for far too long. Bhadra Kali reminds us that we are strong enough to be gentle with ourselves. If we have been subconsciously sabotaging ourselves, she softly and deftly breaks the pattern. We no longer need to engage in unnecessary drama under a mistaken notion that it is necessary for growth. Sometimes, the growth is in choosing to cultivate and apply the kindness, strength and wisdom needed to disentangle and disengage from drama. It is about finding the inner strength to be true to ourselves in a moderate and peaceful state of being.

Raksha Kali, without protruding tongue so often associated with fiercer forms of Kali, is an expression of Bhadra Kali or gentle Kali. Raksha Kali has two arms, blue skin and a gentler expression. She is celebrated on the eve of the Buddha full moon in May, which streams an abundant and blissful download of amplified grace to Earth. Her presence signifies a time when an unusually powerful cosmic wave of spiritual light is very soon to become available to you. Like a surfer sensing and paddling toward the perfect wave, you can attune yourself to this sublime current of divine energy, and allow it to lift, guide and move you. It is a prediction of an imminent, joyful and significant breakthrough. At this particular time, greater progress than usual is opening up for you.

Raksha Kali is worshipped for protection from epidemics and drought. These are literal and symbolic protections. An epidemic is a mass contagion. It can be a swiftly spreading disease of the body, but also of the mind. Fearful collective reactions, based on societal conditioning and manipulated through the media, can spread like wildfire. The collective psyche of humanity is consistently being influenced. There are abundant spiritual sources of goodwill and peace constantly broadcasting divine love to humanity. And, there are forces of negativity and mean-spirited disruption seeking to assert their agendas through the human collective, too. The Kali wisdom within our hearts recognizes fear-fueling energy for what it is (no matter if it is dressed up as something else) and knows when and how to say stop.

Kali’s presence in our being commandeers negative forces. Instead of undermining us, we respond to those energies in such a way that our peaceful inner light increases. We become increasingly skillful in redirecting our attention, intention and action along productive, healing pathways. The presence of negative influence does not need to be denied nor decried. It does need to be acknowledged without one becoming overly interested or engaged with it. Kali promotes fearlessness and confidence because she knows how to use all energies – including negative energy – to promote light and awaken and blissful freedom within the soul. Your heart has the wisdom to transform even the most negative experience into a source of healing and freedom. You will not be negatively influenced by others. Although powerful in effect, your healing path shall be gentle.

Another expression of the gentle side of our dark mother is Shyama Kali, the peaceful blue goddess. Her presence teaches us that it is not always effective to fight fire with fire or to try to overcome force with greater force. Her wisdom is that of a gentling nature, able and calm, disarm and diffuse. There is not always a need to try and grapple and conquer. Sometimes, the need is simply to let go. Nothing rightfully yours shall be denied to you. The simplicity of this can confuse those who have learned they need to pick up any gauntlet thrown by any person at any time. Just because another has created a reality for themselves and is attempting to draw you into it, does not mean that you must participate. You have the divinely-granted gift to choose where to invest your energy. Be strong so that you can know gentleness.

Out of the fire of divine wrath, your gentle form emerges, calming the raging waves of emotion and disturbed fluctuations of mind. In settling myself beneath your fiercely compassionate and tender gaze, I find steadiness, kindness and peace. In this eternal moment with you, I am no longer afraid. Bhadra Kali, Raksha Kali, Shyama Kali, my heart softens as I take delight in the realization of your generosity and sweetness. With humble mind and willing heart, I bow before you, ready to receive with gratitude, love and wonder at your divine beauty and kindness. You are the unscripted creativity of the gentle yet unyielding divine workings for the greatest good of all. Jai Ma Kali!

Artwork by Jimmy Manton

~ Kali Oracle by Alana Fairchild

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