Listening for Truth

Published November 12, 2021 by tindertender

Truth speaks to us constantly, but not always in words. It may communicate through a feeling that is hard to put into words but brings an inexplicable sense of peace, trust and the knowledge that somehow everything is going to work out perfectly – even if there is little evidence of how it is all going to happen.

Listen for the truths beneath the words rather than the superficial message of the words themselves. This is especially true for the communications of those around you, the press, the newspapers and the mass media. You will begin to hear fear in the words and actions of those around you, even as they preach love. Listen deeper. Listen for truth.

You are hearing something that is not being said and what you are hearing is truthful. You may feel as though you are the only one that is really ready to hear or see it! Perhaps you have been working in a situation or loving in a relationship, where truth is constantly denied. We live in a world where truth is frequently avoided out of fear of what it might reveal. At the basis of such actions – consciously or not – is a deep sense of unhealed, toxic shame. If you or someone else, is fearful that the truth will expose rather than free and heal, then some personal healing is required. It is time for letting go of old wounds in favor of a greater sense of self-love and acceptance.

Love yourself enough to honor the truth, even if you feel you are the only one doing so. Truth keeps the energy of life flowing through a rebellious heart. Lies dampen the spirit of the sacred rebel. Even if those with less-awakened hearts fear the truth, you must not turn away from it. Don’t resent this state of affairs. Perhaps your job is to show the truth can be witnessed even when many want to hide from it. What others do is always their choice, but through your honorable deeds, done with integrity, you will be set free – no matter what the outcome.

You are a truth seeker. Never deny or try to quieten this down to make others comfortable. You are meant to be an agitator at times – even though you don’t have to confront people to do it. You don’t necessarily have to say a word, though sometimes you will. Often you will agitate in the most loving sense by unveiling truth simply through your knowings. Hold compassion for the truths you behold. Do not use them as knives to cut another or yourself with harshness, but as the clear insight that allows one to loosen the knots that bind, simply by knowing which thread to gently tug.

If you have been worn down and depressed by the lies, gossip, deceit or backstabbing going on around you, don’t fret. Get out in nature and spend some time communing with the infinite. Healing will come to you now. No matter how many times, in how many ways or by how many tongues untruth is spoken, you know what you know in your sacred, rebellious heart. That truth is your connection to the living truth of life itself. Don’t give up. Just open up to healing and know that the truth always, eventually, prevails.

Healing process ::
Place your hand very lightly at the front and back of your throat and say, “I now release all vows of silence I have ever made, consciously or not. I now release all lies, deceptions and painful words, spoken or unspoken, that are affecting my ability to clearly know and speak my truth. I am held in unconditional love with protection and grace. So be it.”

You have finished your healing process. You might like to say something true just to anchor it. How about, “Within me, beyond all that rises and falls, only truth remains.”

Artwork by Skye Autumn Skye Morrison

Sacred Rebels oracle, by Alana Fairchild

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