Pendulum Alchemy and Healing

Published March 25, 2021 by tindertender

By Erich Hunter:

When I started this work I inherited the idea from my predecessors that light played a role in Pendulum Alchemy and Healing. This view started in Europe. The American Raymon Grace was not aware of this, and he independently invented the concept of using pendulum commands with no awareness that light played a role in pendulum work.

The light concept ties into the shape of the pendulum. The original idea was that different pendulums would influence light in different ways. This is where the idea of using differently shaped pendulums comes from. This is also why Raymon Grace does not recognize that you need a particular type of pendulum and he says you can use anything you want. Because he is not aware of the energy/light issue.

This is also how Biogeometry got the idea that shapes could influence energy. They however, took the original teachings about energy and light and went in their own direction talking about vibrations while still using light terminology which I find very confusing and misleading. This is why they still believe in the Negative Green concept because they use light terminology to describe vibrations so they can’t see the impossibility of Negative Green for pendulums and pyramids. They have a blind spot due to their belief systems. But I digress.

Back to the subject.

When you send light with a pendulum two things are going on.

1) The shape of the pendulum will act like a prism and subtly influence light reflecting off it from the environment. This low level light can stimulate a healing response and stimulate changes.

2) When you use a command you invoke an archetype of light. In magic there is an idea of correspondence. One thing in nature represents another and has the same influence. This is where the term “As above so Below” comes from in Alchemy. It is similar to the idea of universal archetypes of Carl Jung.

So when you say a command you don’t literally send the light. Instead you invoke the archetypal or fundamental quality of that light energy and that is what is sent via the command+pendulum.

I summarized all this below with Blue Green.

The top diagram shows a person passively sending Blue Green light to another person. This Blue Green is coming from the environment and it is reflected off the the pendulum. No commands are being used.

The bottom diagram shows a person using a command to invoke the archetypal force of Blue Green and send it another person. Notice that in the bottom diagram no Blue Green is actually sent. Instead the person is sending the archetypal quality of Blue Green (e.g. summertime, health, the Sun, etc.). This is where Pendulum Alchemy crosses over into magic. Magic uses invocation of archetypal forces all the time. Religion does as well.

If you want to learn more about how pendulums use light for healing please take this course on the Universal Pendulum.

You don’t need to own one of these pendulums to benefit because you can use pendulum commands to invoke the archetypal forces of light and use that for your Pendulum Alchemy and Healing work. The course explains all the different types of energies and their uses.

Thank you.

Erich Hunter

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