I See Myself As Water

Published March 24, 2021 by tindertender

I see myself as water, I reflect things as they are

Rebalancing and illumination

This light I see inside me, is a “reflection” of what surrounds me … isn’t it beautiful? Aren’t YOU beautiful?

Some people in this world put a price on other’s lives. Do they not understand that it is they in the ‘reflection’ they are seeing and designating a value to. In their disconnection to Self, they see lack and low worth of whatever or whomever they see, wherever they go … and they call it someone, or something else.

It is curious how some long for, and work diligently toward, dominating others. It is as though they lack the capacity to control Self, so they look outside of Self in an attempt to harness the world, to control the world … not realizing it is their reflection they are attempting to obtain mastery over.

There is no effort to gain control of Self, and in placing the attention, energy and effort in dominating and controlling the world and others in it, there is nothing left available to shine a light on the real issue.

The Mastery of Self is never realized for the dominator cannot truly see within … they only see their reflection in the world and the others who occupy it … often blaming others for what they see and have judgement about.

I believe these one really DO want to Master Self, they are just going at it in a way that will not necessarily be successful.

Perhaps ALL reflect the way things are … according to their own vision. Which makes it nearly impossible to see clearly. Without the willingness to include all others visions and ideas, a well-rounded knowing cannot be had. It becomes one sided, unbalanced, especially if the only ones listened, heeded or opinion sought from think just like them.


To recognize our own Higher Evolution, we must look inside and make adjustments accordingly to match that vision and resonance which we desire to see, then it naturally flows into the world, in a good way … and we are able to sit back and rest in “I Like Me” … and “I Like What I See”.

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