Looking for a Princess

Published March 5, 2021 by tindertender

I was walking along in the astral and a very tall male walked beside me for a moment. He stated he was seeking a Princess. I replied by saying, “I am No Princess!”

There was a scuffle up the road, and they started to run toward me in a menacing fashion. I turned heal and sprinted back to where I came from.

When they arrived, one females face was all bloodied. They stood there looking at me. I smiled and asked, “Are you friends?”

They looked confused, shaking their heads no.

I looked at the men and women around me and said out loud, “I Love my brothers and sisters!”

Then they started to chase off the bloodied one and those that were with her.

I exclaimed, “See how amazing they are!?!?!

At work next day …

The General Managers dog, Stella came in for her morning treat. I heard myself say, “Good morning Princess! You ready for a snack?”

And then it hit me …

If I’m calling Stella the canine, and mine own, Snowy, Princess, then perhaps I too, am a Princess. I mean, why not?

Perhaps I Am a Princess, A Queen, and a Goddess! My Trine.

If I can see the female canine as princess … what is holding me back from seeing my own self as princess?

Something to ponder.

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