Seen from the medical point …

Published February 18, 2021 by tindertender

Seen from the medical point I think the nasal form of the test is a probable danger because the hidden access leads via the nose to the “Regio olfactoria”. In this uppermost area of the nasal cavity, the brain, or the fluid surrounding the brain, the so-called liquor, is only removed from the outside world through a bone (the ethmoid) and some cell layers of the nasal mucosa Cut. So it`s very easy to “place” nanoparticles there, which can be “activated” with the vaxx and directed via 5G – frequency manipulation.

Negative forms have more and more troubles in the rising frequency and vibration on the planetary body and so I want to share the latest News about in short form:

Gaian Matrix

There are significant and positive changes taking place in our Universal Matrix at this time, which are happening at progressively higher dimensional layers. Each next layer of access is bringing more recovery and rehabilitation, bringing disclosure and ascension that much closer. While things may look very confusing and dire on the outer scape, these massive shifts at architectural levels are making it increasingly difficult for negative forces to maintain themselves. This is a time to be steadfast in our dedication to know the truth and to nurture our inner spirit and God connection, as we have progressively more access to both.

The return of the Solar Rishi into the matter worlds is a significant event which has generated massive impacts to the timeline architecture of this reality, and is why this month we focus on the current Guardian projects and direct impacts made to the future timeline of the 7D Gaian Matrix. This new configuration has radically changed the Galactic and Metagalactic Core configuration and this is continually unfolding new organic timeline patterns for ascension within the planetary architecture. The 8D Metagalactic Core is also the Gaian planetary core, which previously held in place a Black Sun in the 8th Portal, that was configured from an exact AI replica of the Gaian Matrix during the Electric Wars.

During the Winter Solstice Gold Body activation, a sixth harmonic universe for 6D-7D-8D was completed and this is gradually restoring the Gaian Matrix to its original pre-fall state. This was directed through an intervention in which non-dimensionalized Cosmic God Source fields emerged to host this newly created harmonic universe, surrounding and permeating Gaia within a new Universal Mother Dark Matter Matrix, to correct timeline damage resulting from the Electric War invasion. From within the restored Gaian planetary core shines a Christos Infinity Sun, which emanates its solar plasmic rays for the Gold Sun DNA body from 8D. As well as assorted RH Sun-Star Solar factors designed to spiritualize our blood stream in krystal waters and to ignite plasmic coding within our neurological system for the transfiguration of our etheric body and 3D consciousness.

The Amethyst Order and Violet Flame Yanas and Ramyanas from the Rha God World Creation have been instrumental with organizing extensive emancipation gridwork projects that are happening in the Gaian matrix to restore Universal Tribal Records for angelic humanity. These are assortments of Maji Grail King-Queen instruction sets that restore Gaia’s consciousness record for the Ascended Master lineages, including embodiment of Gaian architecture that holds the original founder emanations of the 48 DNA stranded Azurites. The Tri-Matrix of the Azurites includes three 48 stranded matrices that hold 144 dimensions that are accessed from within a quad merged core manifestation template (12 Tree Grid) that is based on the Ecka God World configurations, the access into the seven higher heavens. These particular Christos diamond sun body templates are forming complex Krystal Cathedral alignments for the Solar Rishi and Founder lineages to pour their consciousness body into, by braiding themselves back into the Gaian Matrix, which is freeing many more Ascended Master identities that were being trapped in the Black Sun constructs.

Having a greater awareness of events happening in the Gaian Matrix that are eradicating holocaust timelines and alien machinery used by the Black Suns from the Electric Wars on Hyperborea for timeline bleed through on earth, also helps us to better understand the hidden spiritual warfare behind the aggressive pushing of toxic nano injections that are currently being mass marketed to the earth population. Everything happening on the earth at this time is connected to the spiritual war happening at multiple dimensional levels, whether we can understand this is taking place or not.

A bit from this Info about the different timelines: 7D Gaia and Paliadorian Seeding

The planet Earth exists in three main formed identities in the Universal Time Matrix. The timelines for the 3D Earth are called Earth or Terra, the timelines for the 5D Earth are called Tara and the timelines for the 7D Earth are called Gaia. Due to the cataclysm that occurred on Tara which exploded portions of the main planetary grid manifestation template, the 5D Taran planet was separated from its 7D Gaian counterpart in future time. Essentially, the result of the planetary grid damage trapped the soul family matrix on Tara and the monadic family matrix on Gaia, to be locked down in their respective harmonic universes unable to communicate or link with each other. This cataclysmic event generated separation between 5D and 7D timelines which further created damage between the soul and monadic layers in our angelic human consciousness body. As a result of this cataclysm, humanity was unable to fully unite and integrate the soul aspects that were trapped in the 5D timelines with the monadic aspects that were trapped in the 7D timelines.

Avoiding the test is the only way out … irrespective of how awakened and ascended our consciousness may be … tragic.

Taking the test or injecting the poison is the cabals way of limiting humanity ascending with Earth. Also possibly leading to their 4D- timeline. Maybe somewhere in the future.

They have already started the no jab no job rhetoric … how convenient ..the agenda is so starkly apparent.

You can make a test but tell them they are just allowed to do it in the lowest regions of the nose, not more than 2 cm inside. The test alone will not “activate” anything – they need to applicate the trigger (vaxx).

Source: Karina

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  • 3D is rigid, certain, no choice. 4D is where choice begins. This is the point where you decide whether to allow another control of your Power Center, your mind and your life, or if you choose to fill the specific seat meant for you alone. From here you determine to remain in the 3D construct, or choose to move further toward 5D. Best of evolution to you,and much love also.


  • its truly awful the way my school has been pushing the injections, i litteraly have 3 scheduled and am making up billions of excuses as to why i cant do them, i can litteraly see the effect that theyre having on everyone, my friends cant even comprehend anything other than netflix and cant even think of reality shifting. i hope the annunaki pays for this 🙂

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