There Is No Satan

Published February 2, 2021 by tindertender

Let me bring some insights about Satan from a VERY interesting book I read:

Christianity’s Other God
Legend, Myth, Lore, or Lie
Historical and Biblical Proof of how Man Created Satan
and Made Satan to Be A God
James R. Brayshaw
iUniverse, Inc.
New York Bloomington

The question has long been asked; “If God is sovereign then why does Satan have so much power to harm humans?” I agree that is a question needing to be answered and in short, it can be answered by saying there is no Satan and that man is the primary purveyor of evil in this world. The subject becomes even more serious when one considers that ascribing supernatural power to anything elevates that thing to the status of a God.

If Satan truly does not exist, then those who believe he does have a conflict of interest with the concept of believing in One Supreme Creator. So consider the following very carefully.

Whether “Satan” exists or not is an issue that has huge implications for humanity and religion today. If “Satan” does not exist, then you and I have been taught a very ancient and complicated lie, at the hands of the religious institutions of this world. From the time the Israelites left Persia until today, those who are the leaders and teachers of these religious institutions have almost unanimously heralded the message that there exists a cosmic being that is like God but is not the One God who is sovereign over the entire Universe.

Probably the most serious repercussion of a culture coming to terms with the non-existence of a cosmic Satan is the impact this information will have on the individual when they fully realize what it is they are responsible for. By there being no “Satan,” you and I are then left as the party who must take the full responsibility for sin. We can then dismiss the idea that an evil influencing force has secretly introduced sin to us and we are not hapless participants in behavior that is not approved by the Almighty Source.

The fault for evil then is not to be laid on a supernatural, mind controlling, satanic spirit; the fault lies with the individual who submits to the original propensity to choose sin, which is a potential that is inherent in the human psyche. Sin changes the human mind and there are many theories and hypotheses as to how the actual neurological wiring is altered when a person continually chooses to sin. The change in our brain physiology becomes the primary factor why sin gets easier and easier.

The liar finds it easier to lie, the rager finds it easier to rage, and the porn addict finds it easier to choose to look at porn. Eventually the brain and emotions control the person because of the cellular changes to the areas in the brain, which have been continually stimulated by whatever sin has persistently occurred. Sin begets sin so to speak.

I think you can already “see” on which road we are, or?? SELFRESPONSIBILITY

Some state that if you say there is no Satan then you are in danger of hell yourself. I say; “If you say there is a Satan, then you are in danger of having two Gods.” The greatest danger one faces by saying there is no Satan is the danger that comes with taking full responsibility for their sin and evil. To embrace a “One God ” mindset frees the mind from the subtle trap that always wants to find someone or something to blame for the evil in the world. One only stands to benefit, by taking full responsibility once and for all, for the sin in their life that so easily deceives the mind.

Please note – there is a Negative Alien Agenda and there are extraterrestrial negative forces, but Satan is a very “human concept” – and the Bible needs “Satan” to spread all the lies…..

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