DNA, RNA and the Cov!d Vaxx

Published February 2, 2021 by tindertender

I want to tell you something about DNA and RNA – and why it is sooo important not to get “the wrong vaxx”

Don’t forget that we “choose” our bodies before we incarnate, as well as we choose our “Earth family”. Your amazing genes within the nucleus of that little dot called a cell, 23 pairs of chromosomes are intertwined like a wad of spaghetti. These 46 contain the master computer called DNA. And the DNA molecules contain thousands of genes.

These genes (a)programme all inherited characteristics, such as height and personality type. (b)guide all growth processes, such as when and how baby teeth are pushed out by adult teeth. (c)direct all structural and system details for every body organ.

You and I each came from a single fertilized cell. In the nucleus of that little dot, the master computer (DNA) contained the programming for every aspect of the yet-undeveloped person. Every organ, every nerve, every hair, skin color, hair color, behavioral patterns … are programmed in those amazing tiny chromosomes.

Each cell always “knows”

Were you aware that each and every cell in your body contains ALL the genetic coding for each of the other cells of your body?

There are instructions in your cells on how to manufacture and reproduce every different part of your body. The words are set out in sentences, and paragraphs and chapters.

• The genes are like sentences.
• Several genes together make a paragraph.
• Many paragraphs of gene clusters make a chapter.
• Many chapters make a book, which we call a chromosome.
• There are 23 chromosome books to make the whole encyclopedia of instructions
• An encyclopedia comprises a complete person.

This is duplicated to make an identical copy, so that your body has two encyclopedias – that is, 46 books (chromosomes) in EACH human cell. These books contain so many words that the human encyclopedia is more than ten times as long as Encyclopedia Britannica. To put this another way, over a million pages are needed for all human instructions.

And this DNA message is played back every time a new life is created, because its instructions are obeyed to the last letter.

This one million page DNA message book gives complicated technical instructions to make a plant or an animal or a man.

They are more technical than any man-made computerized code for making a passenger airliner, for example. They are more technical than any of the computers on our planet. Think about this. Could a series of faults in instructions (mutations) make, by accident, such a technical code?

This code, like a Morse code of dots and dashes, needs to be translated before it can be used. The truth is, this DNA code needed someone who knew the translation and then made a machine to translate it. That translation machine is included into every cell of your body, as well.

Think about this. Someone was needed to (a) know the code secret and (b) make the code breaker. The theory of evolution cannot explain how this information arose.

As we have just noted, one process which the cell undertakes is the formation of new cells. This incredible process requires the cell to read itself and then reproduce itself. And can you guess how fast it does this? The complete duplication is accomplished in just a few hours.

Now think about this. Somehow, although each cell has such a vast encyclopedia of “blueprints”, yet each cell “knows” its own special job and keeps it. For example, a cell on your skin at the end of your ear has the genetic information to produce a toenail cell… but it doesn’t!

How small are your genes?

Now, have you stopped to consider that human DNA is infinitely more complex than our computers? As impressive as man-made microchips are, this bio-micro-circuitry is beyond the incredible. The programmed genetic coding for all of earth’s billions people would take up space less than the size of an aspirin tablet!

A single gene – can you grasp this – is estimated to be between 4 and 50 millionths of an inch across. And 500,000 genes would easily slide around in a hole made by an ordinary pinpoint!

The incredible RNA

The messenger in a cell city is called RNA. Although it looks like DNA, is has a passport to leave the nucleus. And just listen to this: Firstly, in a split second, the master DNA and the messenger RNA intertwine.

Then the DNA instantly imprints a section of its code on the RNA. Then the DNA separates from the RNA. Then the RNA rushes to the edge of the city. And there it transfers its code in rapid-fire succession to one enzyme after another.

This code tells each enzyme to do a particular job somewhere in the larger organism. The whole mass of cells within a body somehow cooperate to act like a fish, a cat, a human, or whatever the total organism is supposed to be.

All DNA’s interlocking, working parts must be 100% intact And wonder at this! Inside the cell, one piece of machinery is manufactured, then transported to fit precisely into another waiting piece, then another, and another – each one designed specifically to fit and interact with that particular piece and no other. We’re talking about many parts of a complex machine, so small you can’t see it with the naked eye!

DNA has to be totally 100 percent intact with all its interlocking, working parts, before one living cell can even exist. Not only do you need the information in the individual genes. You also need the information that enables them to work together. Such masses of information do not emerge from chance random processes.

So you see that also the human body is an incredible “masterpiece” and why so many alien civilizations (like the Zetas, Grey one and so on), which are threatened by their own extinction are “keen” to experiment with humans and their DNA and RNA, because they KNOW that this is made by Source through his founder-races, like the Royal house of Lyra for example. Also about vaxx – the human body would easily be able to “fight every virus”. But through vaxx and the ongoing poisoning by pharma – already starting after birth – so many humans are not able to overcome this stuff.

And “all available vaxx for CO-VID” are nano-technological sera and “invade” your DNA and to alter it. Therefor they will tell that we need permanent vaxx, maybe evey 3 months or so to be “immune” against the virus. The reality is that young girls and boys will not be able to get children. And in connection with 5G it will alter all emotions as wished by their sinister agenda.

Source: @Karina89350882

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