To Be, or Not To Be

Published January 4, 2021 by tindertender

I am always confused when Humans are concerned about how the “finances will go”, when the actual question for humanity is TO BE or NOT TO BE ( free and sovereign or dead or a labor rat).

Awareness of the awakened should indicate a different focus – or you are not awake, there is no “in between” …. and the time is running out to make a choice and STAND FOR IT.

A solar-flash will NOT do this for you – be sure.

I didn’t say that needs don’t need to be met. I said Humans have to change their focus and their consciousness about it.

The Cabal only want 3 Billions of humans on earth – what do you think they are willing to do with the rest????

We will change NOTHING if we stay in the anger that somebody else isn’t doing his or her job.

It’s important not always to blame THE OTHERS. Everybody shall start with him/herself.

WE CAN CHANGE IT – and the time is simply NOW.

IF you have no electricity and no house any more, you don’t have to think how to pay. What I mean is that NOW we have to UNIFY as humanity, that we have TOMORROW, still, electricity and houses and stuff, for what we CAN purchase.

In the cabal’s world you don’t have to think about this because you will have no property and nothing else. You will be fed and you will have a “place to exist” – like labor rats.

Source: @Karina89350882

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