Hope vs Will

Published November 12, 2020 by tindertender

I used to think that having hope was a powerful thing … faith, hope, trust …

It has recently come to my attention that these words, these feelings lack intention.

The intention of “it WILL work out” … “it WILL be” …

It had been pointed out to me in regard a statement I made recently. I said, “My hope is we come out of this in a good way, for life and love.”

I was remined to remove the word ‘hope’ and change it into ‘I know’.

I know we will come out of this in a good way, for life and love.”

See the difference?

The first is leaving it to fate, ‘hoping’ the powers that be will dole out goodness, seeing we are basically good.

The other is a creation statement.

We ARE Creators.

We create how our day goes, how our mind is formatted, and what we determine to be true and possible by the words we choose, by the intention we set.

There are two worlds here … that of the reasoning and thinking (wo)man, and that of the Willful (wo)man.

I tend to think a lot. I talk a lot in my own head. I reason things into a format that I can accept. It has been my habitual pattern for all of this life.

I’ve always had Stubborn Will. History proves me to be quite resilient.

The intention now is to evolve into a state of Skillful Will. To not only be resolute in my decisions, but to utterly transform my self, my environment, my neighborhood, and my world.

This is the Chant music I listen to and chime in on for 30 minutes (nearly) every evening.

The vibration of my own voice travels through my cellular structure, making ‘alive’ every fiber of my being. First the lips, the throat, the arms and chest, the belly, the legs and the feet. It typically takes 20 to 30 minutes to get the vibration to the feet. I think of Love and Happiness, programmed into my cells, riding out on the energetic vibration of my body and astral form into the world.

Hydration is key during the day, to set those cells afloat, allowing them to roam about unhindered or sluggish. They’ll really start to dance during the chanting. Energy will move.

I rest for 15 to 20 minutes afterward with eyes closed, feeling the vibrations of my form, thinking thoughts of Love, Happiness and Harmony.

I know I am programming my cells, AND my environment.

I know my world is growing more harmonious and calm with every session.

I recognize the uptick and uplift of my mental and emotional bodies through this practice.

I embrace the Creator within me, and I send virtual hugs and a sense of compassion to those who are outside of me.

Changing the world, one OM at a time.

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