5 Behaviors to Avoid Feeling Powerless

Published July 7, 2020 by tindertender

Written by: Dr. Cassone

1. Use platforms/products that have a mission (like censorship-free #Minds).

2. Follow those dedicated to exposing truth and re-share good information. Make a channel and invite friends for this specific purpose. Turn off the regular news. It is full of lies and stressors.

3. Prepare for more disruption which might include shut downs or changes in food/water supply, gas, medicine, travel, and/or finance. Make some basic plans to weather the storms ahead (without getting paranoid).

4. Get healthy. Eat right, move your body, and address any medical concerns through holistic doctors. Get off any drugs you don’t absolutely need. Taking action decreases anxiety and empowers.

5. Build community connections with those like-minded and don’t waste words on those with closed ears. Friends/family you can count on are priceless and should become our primary focus.

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