Is She A Witch?

Published June 30, 2020 by tindertender

Women … and some men too …

We love to play with herbs, making healing potions, salves and elixers. We grow our medicinal gardens, singing as we weed, speaking to our growing friends.

Many think us crazy … a little scary … they do not understand us, but fear us. Watching us flow, the power that resides in us moving in space and time, they sense the strength and get uncomfortable … and try to eliminate the discomfort by judging and demonizing us.

No, I’m not a witch.

I do love to burn candles and think of the fiery love that is born and spewed into the world from it tho, I add my intention to the flame and spread it like wildfire.

I have crystal grids in my house and an alter to the goddess within all feminine. I pray for her, for her health and for her recognition. I pray for love to come to her.

No, I do not consider myself a witch.

I spend time in dance, in song, in feeling the intricate portions of my inner being, and I see it connected to all life.

The feminine are my sisters and the masculine my brothers.

I am working diligently to gain a greater understanding of my masculine family … they are as confusing to me, as I am sure I am confusing to them.

Understanding does not come without an open mind and effort to understand without judgement.

Judgement cause rigidity.

Rigidity closes doors to understanding.

Resting in this place, it is dark. There, no light can shine upon truth for the door has been shut to it.

No, I am not a witch.

I only seek greater understanding of all familial aspects in this life.

So I can see their point of view.

So I do not accidentally crap on what they consider sacred.

So I can honor them in their place of beingness.

For Love.

May the Sun and the Moon grace us with their being and beauty, always and ever.

May the waters be purified, so we may drink from them once more.

May the sea creatures, the flying ones, the walking and the crawling ones be kept safe as this purification occurs.

May minds remain calm as they are opened and exposed to the greater reality.

May sanity be firm,

And Love prevail.


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